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I have been wearing SouldDancer shoes for many, many years! This is the only brand I wear because of the fit, durability, and customization options. Although I never intended to sell shoes, students were insistent, so I became a dealer for this brand a few years ago.


Please keep in mind that I offer these shoes as a matter of convenience to my students. I am not a shoe store and I do not have samples for you to try on. I am, however, happy to answer questions and assist you in selecting the perfect shoe!

How Do I Select My Shoes?

Go to the SoulDancer website and decide on what you love. This is the manufacturer's website (they do not sell direct to the public), so you will not be able to place an order at this site. Here are some links to help you quickly find what you're looking for:

Ladies' Open Toe

Ladies' Closed Toe

Men's Modern (Low Heel)

Men's Latin (Taller Heel)


One of the reasons I love SoulDancer shoes is because you can customize your shoes without any additional cost! Just find a general shape/style that you like and then choose your own:



Heel Style & Height


I find that these shoes run true to size and encourage you to order the size that you would wear in a street shoe. That having been said, it is always a good idea to use the Sizing Chart to be sure.





Leather / Satin



Pearl Satin, Flash Satin, Sparkles, Imported Leather



*Shipping is approximately $10.

Recommendations for Women

Some of my favorite styles are: SD 2302, SD 2331, and SD 216. I have worn each of these styles and found them to be wonderfully secure on my feet, sturdy, and comfortable. In terms of of the material, strongly consider satin, as leather can stretch, causing the shoe to be sloppy on the foot. Sloppy shoes=blisters! With regard to heel height, my preference for contemporary styles (like west coast swing) is the "teacher heel." I also like the 1 3/8" heel, although it is a little lower.

The Fine Print

If your shoe of choice is in stock, it ships relatively quickly. Custom orders take 4-6 weeks, but trust me, it's well worth the wait to get exactly what you want! There are no returns on customized shoes or clearance shoes. A shoe is considered custom if you change anything (color, heel, etc.). Non-customized shoes that are in new condition may be returned within 30 days at the customer's expense.



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