Group Classes

Group classes can be a fun and cost-effective way to learn how to dance or expand your dancing skills. My group classes span a wide variety of ability levels and dance styles. Since I live in the Salem area, I offer the greatest number of group classes in that region, however I also regularly offer group classes in Tigard/Portland and Corvallis. Please refer to my calendar for my current offerings. Click on each calendar item for the details (location, cost, duration, registration, etc.).


Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great alternative to group classes. Instruction is 100% personalized to the student. I find that students learn faster and have the best results when they receive individualized lessons and one-on-one feedback, especially when private lessons supplement group classes. I also find that private lessons are the perfect vehicle for shy dancers, as it is a great way to build confidence without the worry/pressure of having other people present. Depending on the venue, lessons range from $65-75/hr. The cost is the same for a single or a couple. I typically schedule privates on evenings and weekends. For scheduling, please contact me by email or phone.


Private Events

Interested in adding a little spice to your event? Offering a dance lesson can be a fun and affordable way to get your guests involved. I regularly teach dance lessons for corporate events, wedding receptions, high school graduation parties, anniversaries, birthday parties, etc. Costs vary depending on the commute, the number of participants, and the length of instruction. Please contact me by email or phone to discuss your event needs.


Wedding Packages

Every year I work with many wedding couples as they prepare for their special day. I also regularly do lessons with brides/fathers, parents of the lucky couple, and wedding parties. In general private lesson are $65-75/hr (depending on the venue), however I am often able to offer a discount if the couple books 5 lessons or more. I also urge wedding couples to consider offering a group dance lesson at the rehearsal dinner (or at some other agreeable time) for the entire wedding party. Not only is the lesson a fun way for the wedding party to get to know each other, it also prepares the wedding party to help fill the dance floor on the wedding day. Please contact me by email or phone to discuss how I might help you with your wedding plans!